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You are faced with creatures from your drawings inside a nightmare. Work together to colour them in and overcome your fears.  Can you do it?

Background Story

The story begins with a grandmother, who is reading a Grimm's fairy tale to her grandchildren. As the children fall asleep, the grandmother narrates the tale of ‘A Little Red Riding Hood’, whose grandmother had been kidnapped and taken hostage by the ‘Big Bad Wolf’. Due to the unsettling nature of these stories, the children naturally begin to have a nightmare as they fall asleep… Our game begins inside the children’s nightmare, where whilst they are afraid of the ‘Big Bad Wolf’, they are determined to save their grandmother. 

Goal of the Game

The objective of the stugame is for the players to overcome their fears and gain enough courage to face the nightmare and save their grandmother. To do this, they must defeat the enemies by colouring them in, using their coloured beams. For every enemy they defeat, they gain an essence that represents their increasing courage. Eventually, when they are able to gain enough essence, they are able to transfer their essence to the four coloured orbs scattered across the four coloured regions of the map. Once all four orbs are filled, they are able to successfully overcome their nightmare, expelling the shadow barrier's existence and saving their grandmother, and thus returning to reality.


Our game supports a total of 5 players, four of which can connect via a controller, and one player via keyboard. Online play is not supported directly, however, using  Parsec (recommended) or Steam Remote Play it is possible to play over the internet.


About Us

This game was developed by a group of 5 students over the course of 10 weeks. As part of the Game Programming Lab students were tasked with coming up with their own idea for game, creating a physical prototype and then spending the rest of semester developing that idea into a full game.


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